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Laysan is the second largest land mass in the NWHI (1,015 acres) just behind Sand Island at Midway Atoll. It is about 1 mile wide and 1-1/2 miles long and .May 8, 2012 Those who closely follow recent conservation measures in the United States may have already heard about the historic reintroduction of the .Laysan located 808 nautical miles (1,496 km; 930 mi) northwest of Honolulu at N25° 42' 14" W171° 44' 04", is one of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.Dec 17, 2014 Wisdom, the world's oldest known banded wild bird, is prepping to be a mom again — at age 63. The Laysan albatross.About Me. If you want to hang out with me, your best bet is visiting Midway Atoll. This tiny island is home to the biggest group of us in the world—it's essentially.

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